Do you have questions about how our partnership program works? We've got answers!

Common questions (and answers!)

How can I change my payment method? 

You can change your payment method at any time. Click here and in just a few quick clicks you’ll be all set. Inplayer securely stores and encrypts all methods of payment. The Church International, nor any other entity directly related to The Church, will not at any time have access to your bank information. 

Can I change my monthly contribution amount? 

By all means. You can stop your gift, decrease your gift or increase your gift by clicking right here.

Will I be issued a year-end giving statement for my records? 

You can get a summary of your gifts at anytime by simply logging into your account.

How can I access the sermon library materials? 

Upon processing your contribution, you’ll immediately receive an email from us that allows you to create your own secure account, and then you’ll be granted access. The link to access the sermon library will be in there. 

How will you keep my information secure?  

We process your gifts through InPlayer. They take security very seriously and hold themselves to the same standards used by banks. Any stored data is encrypted and stored with resilience and security in mind. Here’s the link to their security statement for more information:https://inplayer.com/terms/.

I’m having trouble accessing the sermon library. What do I do?

Our partners at InPlayer provide 24/7 technical support and/or customer care. Email them at support@inplayer.com. 

For any questions concerning the partnership opportunity or details regarding any of the tiers, email us at partnership@thechurchinfo.org. 

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